The League of Remembrance 

Unlocking opportunities for veterans and retired nurses. To help Armed Forces veterans and retired nurses improve their mental and physical well-being through engaging in volunteer opportunities

It all began at the height of the First World  War. Many of our men were in France, fighting for their country, and suffering almost unendurable hardship in the trenches. They needed help and we provided it.

The League of Remembrance was established and, using volunteers, we set to work to produce medical supplies and other necessities, to make life in the trenches, the field hospitals and the dressing stations,  just that little more bearable.

After the war we sought to honour the memory of the brave men and women who gave their lives for their country by looking after their widows, and giving them a renewed purpose. The widows took over the work of our volunteers, and in return we provided moral support, and assisted them financially. Later, in recognition of their incredible contribution during the war, we expanded our support to include retired nurses. To reflect this work we called them Remembrance Workers.  We still do, and the valuable work they started then continues to this day.

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You can read more about how you can help here and if you know anyone who may benefit from becoming a Remembrance Worker then please do get in touch at 020 7881 0987. 

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