Being a Royal  Military Academy Sandhurst SSgt Instructor as an Army Nurse  

In February 2019 I attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) Instructor Cadre, apprehensive but driven, knowing that from the 59 personnel attending only 31 are selected.
The lead up to this had been a combination of being employed as a Section Commander and Platoon Sergeant, as well as the RAP Nurse for the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards. 
I had always enjoyed teaching and breaking away from the normal path as a nurse, in spite of encountering frequent obstacles and often being told ‘you can’t do that, you’re a nurse’, whilst maintaining my current and competent clinical status. 

I have met some inspirational people throughout this journey to get to the RMAS. Some nurses, but mostly those from the Infantry background; as colleagues and role models. 
I am now coming to the end of my two-year tenure as a SSgt Instructor and I wouldn’t change this journey at all.

Learning a lot about myself, pushing mentally and physically in lots of areas that I would not usually venture towards,  due to my trade as a Primary Heath Care nurse.
I cannot advocate this decision enough. If there are people who are interested in pursuing a slightly off-piste route whilst maintaining clinical competence.

It has been hard at times, but the pros have outweighed the cons in lots of areas. Enjoying the ‘green’ aspects from making dems1 for battle-noise simulation on exercise to drill on the Old College parade square. 
My final weeks at the RMAS will be spent preparing for an exercise abroad.

SSgt Cally-Jay Brunton


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