The Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps Association Reunion Weekend 

After cancellations and postponements, the QARANC Association Reunion weekend was a resounding success. 

Last weekend saw the QARANC Association host over 120 Association members, both serving and retired, along with special guests to join them in Leeds for the much-anticipated lunch.  A weekend of catching up, friendship, meetings, and the celebratory lunch on Saturday afternoon was well deserved and enjoyed by all.

The Friday afternoon saw the Chairs and Secretaries come together for the annual meeting at the Marriott Hotel. The meeting was a chance to be together face to face for the first time in nearly 2 years.  The opportunity was taken to thank the Association RHQ for keeping the branches in touch and supporting the wider QARANC community throughout the pandemic. 


It was also a chance for branches to share best practices, talk about any branch membership and collaborate on future ideas’.  It was clear from the banter, chatter, and happiness in the room that this meeting was very well received, with genuine pleasure at being reunited with colleagues and friends.


The Friday concluded with an evening supper hosted by the RHQ team for the Chairs and Secretaries and special guest, Col Carol Kefford. The food was delicious with a relaxed and enjoyable evening had by all.

The Reunion Lunch was held at The Royal Armouries, Leeds. The venue was chosen for its historical value and lovely setting, overlooking Leeds Dock.  The venue and staff were helpful and professional leading up to and during the lunch, allowing the Association to postpone the event on two occasions.


The event began with a presentation from Chief Nursing Officer (Army), Col Alison EB Farmer ARRC QHN who briefed the members with a Corps update, focusing on the Corps and Associations achievements over the past 18 months.

This was followed by an Association update from the General Secretary, Mrs Sue McAteer. This focused on the Association, its members and RHQ. The past 18 months have been challenging and busy.  However, with support from the members, Trustees, and the wider community the office has excelled and used the time to really grow the Association.


Our final update and presentations were carried out by our Colonel Commandant, Colonel Carol Kefford RN BSc (Hons) MBA. The Association Medal was awarded to:

  • 2020 winner Rosy Hubbard, Welsh Branch.
  • ?2021 winner Donna Price, Catterick Branch
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There were also presentations made to Col (Retd) Jane Davis and Col (Retd) Jane Carey-Harris for their service and dedication to the Corps and Association.

We were also really pleased to welcome Cpl Danny Shilling and Pte Helena Watson, both student nurses from Birmingham University.  Also, to thank them for their generous fundraising efforts and donation to the QARANC Association.   


After presentations and housekeeping, an enjoyable lunch was had by all.  A loyal toast from the outgoing Chairman of the Millbank Branch, Lindi Kibbey, rounded off a lovely meal.

I simply could not write this article without including a special "Thank You" to all those who helped in the organisation and running of this year’s Reunion Lunch. Without some outside help and support our small team could not come close to putting on such a marvellous and worthwhile event.


A thank you to all those who supported us by presenting, attending, and enjoying the weekend; we hosted over 120 members of the Association with us this year and hope that this only grows over time.  

See you all next year.

For more photos please take a look at our Gallery.

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