Courtesy of a grant from the Association the HCA students from DMS Whittington visited the “Imagine Peace” lighting display at Lichfield Cathedral

Lest we forget our fallen heroes, this was the moral of our evening excursion. The Healthcare Assistant Foundation course 001/021 and course managers who are currently in phase two training at DMS Whittington. Had the opportunity to enjoy an evening excursion at the poppy night event held at Lichfield Cathedral. 

A truly breath-taking display of modern art and wartime history combined created by Luxmuralis. Floor to ceiling of cascading poppies surrounding the growing crowds that were also in attendance at the event. Throughout the evening the cathedral that showcased various lighting displays which of most, were an artistic impression of hope for our futures and there were a few displays that focused on the history of remembrance and in particular the military medical and nursing corps. 


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