Department of Healthcare Education (DHE)
Branch Update 

It has been an exciting year for all the trainees at DHE. We have come a long way and have made recognisable progress in establishing ourselves as a Hybrid Branch, albeit an informal one. Since the formation of the committee in March 2020, members have been working extremely hard to encourage participation with our peers, whilst continuing to study for our Nursing degree.

After establishing the committee members and assigning roles, we created a virtual collaborative working space where we could all communicate and share ideas. Our Membership Rep, Cpl Laud Afam-Adjei, collated all names and details of every QARANC trainee and added them to the site, one by one! Now we had a committee and members we had to plan and execute a launch event to highlight the purpose of the Hybrid Branch and continue the representation of the association’s, motto of friendship.

Funded by individual donations and a grant from the Association, DHE Hybrid Branch held a Cheese and Wine Launch Event on 23rd November 2021 at Ash House, Hamstead Campus. Members arrived and mingled with one another, giving everyone the opportunity to meet new people from various Cohorts and fields of nursing.


The Chair then delivered a presentation, re-emphasising the purpose and intentions of the Hybrid Branch. Col Carol Kefford, Colonel Commandant, kindly provided a video message stating the importance of trainee participation with the Association.

The remainder of the evening was spent sampling various cheeses and tasting some beautiful wines (and some not-so-beautiful wines).


As with the cycle here at DHE, trainees graduate and move on to new Units, but at the same time a new cohort of trainees arrive and we’re ready to welcome them into the family during the QARANC Association presentation on Induction Week. In the absence of the Corps RSM, Cpl Danny Shilling (Chair and Trainee) planned and delivered the presentation. It was great to have Sue McAteer General Secretary and Liz Keenan Trustee and Treasurer Midlands Branch, there to provide an insight into the Association from an RHQ and Branch perspective. With 100% of attendees signing up to become members, the presentation was a huge success.

Being situated in the Midlands has allowed us to form a bond with the Midlands Branch. A number of our committee members have attended a number of their events, including their AGM and Christmas events. Going forward, we are keen to establish relations with other branches, and potentially attend some of their events, either online or in person. Cpl Danny Shilling and Pte Helena Watson began networking at the Association’s AGM in Leeds last year and were humbled by the reception they received.


In December, DHE Hybrid Branch also made up and wrapped Christmas parcels for the deployed QA personnel on behalf of the Association.

This year, we are keen to maintain the momentum and have a few fundraising and social events in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Cpl Danny Shilling
DHE Hybrid Branch Chair 

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