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HRH Countess of Wessex Presents Awards the QARANC 2019 Prize Winners

The celebrations were a time of reflection and pride for hundreds of nurses who attended the ceremony see video LINK

Pang Adams was awarded the QARANC Association 2019 Medal by Vice President of the Association Colonel (Retd) John Quinn.   

Pang joined the West Country Branch, QARANC Association in 2006. By 2007 she was Chair of the Branch and held this role for 6 years until 2012.

Pang has always been a Stalwart member of the Branch. She can be relied upon to regularly attend all branch events. Pang also enables older members of the branch to attend branch events providing transport for members in her locality so that older members can enjoy the Branch events.

Pang works as a Branch Rep, visiting and supporting members who are unable to attend meetings, ensuring that the committee are aware of our more frail members who wish to be included in our news and activities, but because of age and or ill health are unable to attend our events. This also enables the Branch Committee to ensure that we remember them via RHQ for appropriate birthdays, Christmas and during or following periods of ill health.

In addition to the above contributions to the QARANC West Country branch events Pang is an annual attendee at the March Past at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday.

Pang has for many years attended the Regimental AGM where she can be found meeting up with past colleagues and representing her branch

Pang is the mainstay of the West Country events. The annual Bring and Buy sale and lunch to raise funds for the Branch is a typical example. She provides plants (the ‘Army Nurse’ Fuchsia being available every year for those of us with less green fingers to buy), cakes, preserves, eggs, books, all delivered with huge energy and much enthusiasm.

As Chair every year she hosted our annual Corps Day event at her home producing a fabulous Malaysian Buffet for us to enjoy. 

When the Chair or Secretary has not been able to attend the Annual Chair or Secretary’s meeting, Pang has attended to ensure that the West Country Branch is represented and our contribution is made.

Finally her talents also meant that she has made a QARANC Association banner which is displayed at all our events. 

Her contributions have been voluntary, devoted and selfless.  Pang has been a huge influence on the Branch and has done so much to keep it thriving. Especially for our elderly members who would not be able to attend without the hard work Pang puts into transporting or organising transport.

In this time when it is so difficult to keep branches active, it is true to say that without Pang the Branch would struggle to continue to be as active and forward thinking as it currently is. 

Many congratulations Pang and thank you for your stalwart support from all of the Trustees, Staff and Members of the QARANC Association. 


The branch received an invitation from Chaplain Steven Brookes to attend their morning service on 12 May 19.  The service was to celebrate International Nurses Day & Florence Nightingale's birthday and we were delighted that 6 branch members could attend.
Also present were members of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers, having their own celebration.  It was a very good service made even better as we were present to welcome Arthur Benjamin at his baptism. He was very good - not a peep even when doused with water! 
As always the choir were sublime - their voices could raise the roof.
Following the service we retired for a short break & a coffee in the sunshine before going into The Great Hall for lunch. Terri Pitts with an In-Pensioner invited us to join them for a most enjoyable meal. Afterwards we spent a short time enjoying the sunshine before making our way home.  
It was a special way to celebrate International Nurses Day.
Lindi Kibbey
Chairman, Millbank Branch
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A Career in Army Nursing


The QARANC employs Officers and Soldiers in both the Regular and Reserve Army, as Registered Nurses, Student Nurses, and Health Care Assistants, and we are always looking for people. If you are interested in a career as a Nurse or Health Care Assistant which also offers other great opportunities then you are just the person we are looking for. A career in the QARANC is more than a job, you will have access to extensive training and development opportunities, not just related to your job, but personal development too. You will have the opportunity to use your skills in diverse settings – wherever the Army is employed health care professionals from the QARANC are there. Right now there are QARANC personnel working around the world, including Sierra Leone, Canada, Mali, Afghanistan, Germany, and Cyprus. Being in the QARANC you will have access to, and be expected to undertake adventurous training, and you will have access to free medical and dental care, as well as robust annual leave and pension package. For information contact a member of the QARANC recruiting team on: 01276 412741, 01276 412742 or 01276 412740 or visit

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