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Setting the Pace - Sgt Cally Pearson QARANC

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Sgt Cally Pearson joined the QARANC in 2005, joining as a Healthcare Assistant. Having completing a tour of Iraq and an overseas posting to Germany she later transferred to do her nursing diploma.On completion at Birmingham City University (BCU) she decided not to apply for commission and decided to pursue the instructor route where she gained qualifications in battle casualty drills training, weapons, range management, advanced drill and basic tactics, all of which are used regularly in Phase 2 training. She is currently serving as a Section Commander for Phase 1 Training at ATC Pirbright.

Early in 2015, ATC Pirbright put forward a pace sticking team to compete at the world championships at RMAS. Sgt Pearson was part of an only British female team. With most not having experienced such nerves in quite a few years having to get every single movement correct and within a certain amount of steps in both slow time and quick march was incredibly tough especially as the competition was against the 'professionals' including the Coldstream, Grenadier, Welsh and Irish Guards. Cally said that it was 'The taking part which counts and all in all it was a very enjoyable day.' Representing her regiment was great but representing the Corps was a huge achievement at such a male and guard dominant competition and she looks forward to practicing again for 2016.

Sgt Cally Pearson QARANC


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A Career in Army Nursing


The QARANC employs Officers and Soldiers in both the Regular and Reserve Army, as Registered Nurses, Student Nurses, and Health Care Assistants, and we are always looking for people. If you are interested in a career as a Nurse or Health Care Assistant which also offers other great opportunities then you are just the person we are looking for. A career in the QARANC is more than a job, you will have access to extensive training and development opportunities, not just related to your job, but personal development too. You will have the opportunity to use your skills in diverse settings – wherever the Army is employed health care professionals from the QARANC are there. Right now there are QARANC personnel working around the world, including Sierra Leone, Canada, Mali, Afghanistan, Germany, and Cyprus. Being in the QARANC you will have access to, and be expected to undertake adventurous training, and you will have access to free medical and dental care, as well as robust annual leave and pension package. For information contact a member of the QARANC recruiting team on: 01276 412741, 01276 412742 or 01276 412740 or visit

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