Corps Day Service 2022: My First QARANC Association Experience 

Being a member of the Association allows you to be part of the wider QA family.  It affords you the support and comradeship that only your colleagues have experienced through service.  

The QARANC membership is open to all, and we encourage you to join us and be part of the wider community.  From our student nurse members to our colleagues that have served for over thirty years, the door is always open.

Here is an exert from a lovely blog written by Private Meg Lydford, QARANC Student Nurse?

 Joining the QAs has been fantastic so far, and I’ve met some friends for life. Birmingham has a tradition for military health care and we train alongside the NHS nurses, but as QAs we stand out from the rest which was reinforced to me after meeting the mainly retired QAs and hearing their stories. I think it is important as trainees to be a part of the Association as it motivates and inspires our future careers.

You can read the rest of Megs' article here on the Jurassic Coast Branche blog.  

If you would like to become a member then please do have a look at what we offer and join the QARANC family.

Your Membership Matters.

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