Frequently asked questions 

1. How can I find service record details? Unfortunately, we do not hold any service records here at The Association. You can find more details on how to apply for records at 2. How do I submit an article for The Gazette? You can submit your articles directly to  

3. How do I apply for financial assistance? All cases for benevolence, both serving and retired must come through:

  • The Royal British Legion (TRBL),
  • Poppy Scotland,
  • Soldiers, Sailors Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA)

The Officers' Association (OA). We are unable to consider direct requests from individuals. More information can be found here

4. How do I apply for a grant if I am a serving member? All applications for grants for sporting activities or adventurous training activities should be submitted in the first instance to the General Secretary. Applications should ordinarily be submitted on this form.

5. How do I submit an article for the Associations Social Media? You can submit your articles directly to  or 

6. How do I let you know about an event we would like advertised? You can submit your articles directly to  or

7. How do I join the Association? You can apply for membership here

8. How do I make a donation? You can contact us here to make a donation

9. How do I leave a gift in my Will? You can contact us here to make a donation

10 How can I raise money for the Association? You can contact us here to arrange to fundraise for us  We do have a Just Giving page that you can connect to. 

11. What am I entitled to as a member of the Association? There are many reasons to Join Us.  Please follow the link to find out more. 
12. How can I renew my membership?
Please contact the office for any current membership enquiries.

13. I need to inform someone of a bereavement of a member. Who do I need to tell? Please contact the office for any current membership enquiries.
14. I’d like to send an obituary to the Gazette, how do I do this? 
You can submit your obituary directly to  

15. I would like to be involved in the activities of my local Branch, where is my nearest? Please check out our Branches page for more information. 

16. I am about to leave service; how can you support me? Association membership offers you more than you realise. Our membership includes a welcome pack and two copies of the Gazette, direct to your door. Please contact to apply for this membership.

17. I would like to serve/transfer into the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps who do I contact?  any recruiting/transfer enquiries should now be directed to

Instagram - @armymedicalservices
Twitter - @ArmyMedServices
Facebook - ArmyMedicalServices 

18. I would like to advertise my charity event on the QARANC Website? The QARANC Association will only advertise events on our website and social media that raises funds for the QARANC Association.  

19. This Gov.Uk website link provides useful information on help available to War Pensioners. Link



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