QARANC Association Membership Support Fund

Membership Support Fund Guidelines and Support Giving Criteria

Overriding principle

“Our Motto is FRIENDSHIP”.


1. The Membership Support Fund is primarily to assist QARANC Association members to attend either Branch or Association social events.
2. Payment is to be made directly to the applicant, no third party is to receive funds on their behalf.
3. The financial limit of the Membership Support fund will be reviewed annually by Trustees.


4. The applicant must be a current member of the QARANC Association.

Expenditure Criteria

5. Evidence of Expenditure. The applicant must show evidence of the funds spent by way of a receipt/invoice immediately after the event.

6. Support to attend medical appointments. Consideration may be given to award assistance to attend medical appointments in some circumstances. Applicants will be asked to give evidence that they have explored all other services first (i.e., Patient Transport Services, Royal Voluntary Service).

7. Amount of support. The amount of support must not exceed £100.00 per individual member per event, up to £200 in a 12-month period.

8. Applications will be determined by the General Secretary. 

9. To apply please use this Application Form.

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