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All applications for QA Association grants are considered by the Board of Trustees in accordance with the ‘objects’ of the Charity.  Help is provided with funding for a wide variety of activities to assist in the provision of social gatherings to promote comradeship, fostering esprit de Corps and events and activities that preserve Corps and Army traditions.

In addition to ad hoc grants the Association gives an annual grant to the Army Medical Services (AMS) Sports Union, the AMS Corps Engagement Team (Recruiting) and the AMS Band. These are reviewed and agreed annually by the Board of Trustees.



Grants are only available for the benefit of Association members.  Applications are accepted from individuals and groups, serving and retired, units and Association branches. Applicants must have normally held Association membership for at least 6 months.

Applications from teams or individuals for a grant towards a sport that has already received a grant through the AMSSU will not normally be considered by the Association.


All applications for grants should be submitted in the first instance to the General Secretary.  Please allow 6 weeks for your application to be processed.

Applications from the serving should be submitted on this form.
Applications from branches should be submitted on this form.

Cases will be considered by the Finance and Grants Committee or the Board of Trustees as soon as practicable and the decision will be notified in writing to the applicant. Grants made can only be used for the specific purpose of the request and will generally not be made payable to an individual.


Some examples of grant awards:

  • Adventurous Training (Level 3 only)
  • Representative Sport (not already in receipt of AMSSU funding)
  • Costs associated with the organisation of social gatherings i.e. venue hire
  • Refreshments (Passing Out Parades, Medal Parades, Church Parades, Corps Day and Remembrance)
  • Unit Family Days or cultural events
  • Decompression activities
  • Award dinners
  • Provision of SSCV cinema link
  • Battlefield Tours
  • Nijmegan Marches

This is not an exhaustive list so if in doubt please apply.

Please note:

  • Grants will not be considered for non-association members attending any event.
  • Grants requested for Adventurous Training or representative sport will not usually exceed 30% of the individual's personal contribution. The Finance and Grants Sub-Committee may override this in exceptional circumstances with the agreement of the Board of Trustees, however, the grant will not exceed an absolute maximum of £500.
  • Grants to offset personal contributions of those participating in Battlefield Tours will not normally exceed £50.00 per member and will only be awarded to an individual once in every five years.
  • Funding for social gatherings will be considered on a case by case basis and will be decided according to the total membership attending. The award should, in so far as practicable, only benefit Association members. Grants to subsidise events will not normally exceed 10% of any personal contribution payable. This may be overridden with the agreement of the Board.


It is important that all members know the benefits of belonging to the Association.  If you receive a grant please ensure you engage with us to publicise the support you have received either through social media or by writing an article for the QA Association Gazette.

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