Formed just about 10 years ago, we are a group of retired and serving members of the QARANC. The  Branch also opted to offer Honorary Membership to 2 retired Nurses, one of whom is a non QARANC member.
Friendship and support are our key objectives. We are based on the Jurassic Coast, though we have members from far and wide and welcome other QARANC Association Members and their partners to any of our events.
The Branch recently created a FACEBOOK page which can be found here.
The Branch also set up a BLOG – entitled QA Reminiscences – Regular, Reserve, Retired.
To join the Branch or receive information concerning events, please contact the secretary:

Major (Retd) Pat McKay at the following email address:


Membership: 55 members, 1 Honorary Member and 1 Associate Member.

Events 2022

Branch Corps Day.  Sunday 3 April

The branch is having a Corps Day Service at St Andrew’s Church Preston Weymouth at 11.00 am followed by lunch.  If you would like to join us details are available via our secretary. This is a week later than our official Corps Day to avoid clashing with Mother’s Day.
Family and friends are welcome at all of our events.

Any QA who would like to join us for any of our zoom meetings please contact our secretary to be included in the zoom programme information.
Latest News


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