Every year, JHG South holds an International Day to celebrate the countless differences in culture among the members of the unit. For the past two years, this has not been possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the unit and the world at large. POMT James and her team organised this event on the 19 May 22 in order to commemorate such an honourable day and to emphasise the multi-cultural nature of the unit. 


The Unit therefore dedicated this day to strengthening unity, inclusion, culture, and diversity, as well as the ideas for which they stand. Furthermore, it is imperative that our unit environmental setting stands firm in solidarity to guarantee all personnel to be treated equally without bias, regardless of their racial backgrounds. I strongly believe that the best ways to celebrate International day’s within the Armed Forces is to acknowledge the diversity of cultures across the units.
The commemoration of International Day has the potential to display a significant aspect of personal characters. Observing International Day is a unique opportunity for many countries within the unit to do cultural events and activities that are based around its theme, showcasing the culture, talents and traditions present around the world. 
A total of 15 countries participated in the event, including England, Fiji, Ghana, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Malawi, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Switzerland, Wales, and Zambia. Each country exhibited foods drinks and artefacts which were unique to the country’s history and tradition. 

A video can be found on the QA Assocation You Tube channel and a gallery can be found here. 

The full article will be available on the Autumn Gazette.


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