The Catterick Branch brings together a wonderful group of QAs from both the retired and Serving communities across the Northern Region.

Our Serving personnel are a cross-section of the Army Medical Services medical capabilities from Role 1 - 3 with  5 Armoured Medical Regiment, Defence Primary Health Care, 34 Field Hospital, Joint Hospital Group North and 2 Medical Brigade Head Quarters. This enables the retired members to keep up to date with all the activity across the Corps whilst share their stories from past and present.
Our retired community are equally distinguished with Vera Hay our D-Day Veteran being our oldest member with many members the recipient of an RRC or ARRC recognised for their selfless service.
A large part of our retired community continues to work in the healthcare sector whilst only retired from the QARANC and bring fabulous opportunities for Serving and Retired to work alongside each other in different clinical settings.
Currently, our Association membership affiliation is 65 retired and 133 Serving as of 10 November 2020.

To join the Catterick Branch please email qarancassnorthsec@gmail.com as the Branch Secretary or Lt Col Elizabeth.Hulley367@mod.gov.uk as the Branch Chair.
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